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Atlanta Foreclosures

The Non-Judicial Process And Foreclosures in Atlanta

According to RealtyTrac, foreclosures in Atlanta, Georgia is among the worst in the nation through the first half of 2012. However, people are inclined to believe foreclosures in Atlanta really are declining – with just a few instances of foreclosure paperwork problems being reported. Thanks to the non judicial proceedings, homeowners in Georgia may lose […]

HUD foreclosure listings

Avoid Seeing Your Home On HUD Foreclosure Listings

No one can’t deny that the number of foreclosed properties continues to rise these days. There are different kinds of foreclosures; among them, HUD foreclosures. The HUD or Department of Housing and Urban Development, has command over all the loans insured by FHA or Federal Housing Authority. When these loans go into default, these properties […]

Florida Foreclosure

Why Florida Foreclosure Rates Highest

A recent national study reported that Florida foreclosure was tops in the United States in foreclosure rates. Anyone who understands these figures may no doubt feel concerned, if not alarmed, for the housing market. The question is, why are foreclosure rates in Florida trending up when it is actually falling nationally? Could it be the […]

Homes in Foreclosure

Homes In Foreclosure – Contributing Factors And Its Processes

With so many homes in foreclosure all over the United States, everyone has definitely heard the word ‘foreclosure’; but how many people really understand the foreclosure process? Foreclosure, simply put, is the process of taking possession of a mortgaged property as a result of the homeowner’s failure to keep up with mortgage payments. Factors That […]

Foreclosures in Charlotte NC

Foreclosures in Charlotte NC—Foreclosure Process and Timeline

Foreclosure process and timeline can vary from state to state but in this post, let us focus on foreclosures in Charlotte NC. The difference can range from the notices that need to be posted or sent through mail and the schedule regarding when the property will be auctioned. Two Types of Foreclosures in Charlotte NC […]

Foreclosure listings NJ

Foreclosure Listings NJ—Where Do All Foreclosed Homes End Up?

Do all foreclosed homes in New Jersey end up in the foreclosure listings NJ? You might be surprised but not all foreclosed homes end up in the foreclosure list because this is just a snapshot of those homes that are being sold by the current lien holder. Where to Find Foreclosure Listings NJ? When looking […]

Foreclosure Prevention

Preventing Foreclosure With A New Foreclosure Prevention Law

Signed recently by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was Foreclosure Prevention Bill 4323. It will go into effect on November 1, 2012. The bill will hopefully make significant changes to existing foreclosure practices. Although the final details of the bill are still being worked out, programs for home ownership and for existing homeowners is what the […]

Foreclosure Auctions and Gavel

How Foreclosure Auctions Happen

Everyone probably knows what foreclosure is all about. Sure, everyone is aware foreclosure is a lengthy process. Everyone also knows that foreclosure means a bank or lender takes possession of a person’s property who has defaulted on his or her mortgage payments. But do you know what actually happens during the foreclosure process? Do you […]

The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act helps tenants of foreclosed properties have ample time to look for a new place to move in.

Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act and How It Helps

Usually, when we talk about foreclosure, we immediately think about those people losing their residential homes. However, we should also remember that foreclosures also happen to real estate investors who failed to pay for their properties. In this situation, the tenants are the ones facing a threat of losing the roof above their heads. But […]

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