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Foreclosure Lawyer

8 Surefire Tips in Finding a Foreclosure Lawyer

Homeowners fighting foreclosure would normally find a foreclosure lawyer to represent them. The problem is, its just simply difficult to find a really good lawyer that will really represent your interest and not that of the lender. Here are some tips: 1. Consult the HUD Before you start finding a lawyer, make sure that you […]

Sarasota Foreclosures

Battling Sarasota Foreclosures

It’s no secret that Florida is one of the states facing the largest number of foreclosures. Sarasota Foreclosures, in particular, have left thousands of families in Florida homeless. Many homeowners are not aware that there are a number of legal options they can take. This lack of knowledge perhaps contributes to the increase in the […]

US Bank Foreclosure Turned Slum

US Bank Foreclosures Morph Into Slums

US Bank foreclosures resulted in a lot of negative publicity lately due to homeowners complaining about their neighborhood practically turning into slums. This resulted from the bursting of the real estate bubble but there are a lot of dirty tactics that their real estate agents and lawyers are alleged of. Whether there is substance in […]

Find foreclosure defense help

Find Foreclosures Defense Professional Help

When you’re about to lose your home, don’t you think it’s just logical to get help? Getting professional help may sound like spending a lot of money. The truth is, there are lots of free professional services and you just have to look. Besides, even if you have to spend money, saving your home may […]

Houses in foreclosure

Personal Efforts to Save Houses In Foreclosure

Houses in foreclosure is numbering by the thousands but each of these are individual homes resided by families. At this level things become personal and in your personal fight to prevent foreclosure, personal efforts are necessary. You might be planning to meet your lender, see a housing counselor or file for bankruptcy but there are […]

Foreclosures in Maryland and Calling the Lender

Foreclosures In Maryland—Face it and Put a Stop to It!!!

According to a new survey, the State of Maryland has the highest foreclosure rate but until the foreclosure is complete, you still have hope and can still find ways to fight it. Although there is no hard and fast rule in stopping foreclosures in Maryland, as all depends on your unique situation, being proactive in […]

Zillow Foreclosures

The Benefits of Being Listed in Zillow Foreclosures

The online real estate database will now list Zillow Foreclosures before they make it to the official list. You might find it disturbing if your home is about to be foreclosed but there are certain advantages to this so keep your mind open. Zillow has been very effective in telling online visitors how much your […]

Foreclosure or Short Sale?

Foreclosure vs Short Sale – Choosing The Lesser Evil

If you ask people facing foreclosure which is a better deal between foreclosure and short sale, they would probably tell you there’s not much difference as you will still be losing your home. However, knowing the distinction of foreclosure vs short sale will help you decide which is the better option for you. Foreclosure vs […]

Government Foreclosures Assistance

How to Get Government Foreclosures Assistance

The US Government has programs to prevent foreclosures, one of which is the Making Home Affordable program. Through this program, you can get subsidies for loan modification and private home refinancing loans. The HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) also provides government foreclosures assistance to prevent foreclosure for all the 50 US states. You […]

Atlanta Foreclosures

How to Stop Atlanta Foreclosures Effectively

Perhaps one of the most devastating news a homeowner can experience is when you are given a foreclosure notice. The reason behind it is that the risks are too much to endure and the situation is unfamiliar to most of us. But there are ways to stop Atlanta foreclosures and to start with, you have […]

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