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US Bank Foreclosure Turned Slum

US Bank Foreclosures Morph Into Slums

US Bank foreclosures resulted in a lot of negative publicity lately due to homeowners complaining about their neighborhood practically turning into slums. This resulted from the bursting of the real estate bubble but there are a lot of dirty tactics that their real estate agents and lawyers are alleged of. Whether there is substance in […]

Bank of America foreclosure department

Bank of America Foreclosure Department Opened To Maximize Assistance To Homeowners In Default

Indeed, the foreclosure pipeline seems to be filling again and this unusually high legal default filing activity seems to be pointing to Bank of America. This vast number of foreclosures is the the reason why Bank of America Foreclosure Department was opened – to handle the queries related to foreclosure. August has been a high […]

Bank foreclosure listings

Preventing Your Home From Being Listed On Bank Foreclosure Listings

People who are facing foreclosure often do not realize that there are options to avoid foreclosure. Most often, they are at a loss on what to do. Sure, lots of advices are given by friends and family, but still, one is unsure what is the right thing to do. Indeed, nothing can be more devastating […]

Chase Bank Foreclosures

Chase Bank Foreclosures—How to Get Help Really Fast

When you are behind on your mortgage, the possibility of getting foreclosed looms. The good news is, in the case of Chase Bank foreclosures, there is help available. If you are having a difficult time paying your mortgage, doing nothing will not help in the situation. What is needed is for you to take proactive […]

USA foreclosure

USA Foreclosure Defense – How to Defend Your Rights Even if You are Not a Lawyer

The biggest problem for those who are facing USA foreclosure is that the opponent which is usually a bank, has a lot of money to spend on lawyers. You on the other hand barely have money to pay your mortgage much less, to hire the best lawyer in town. Intimidating as they are, banks also […]

Florida is one of the states very much badly hit by the economic downturn

Foreclosures in Florida And The Mediation Process

The number of foreclosures in Florida are record-breaking. As one of the US states most hard hit by the current economic downturn, Florida ranks as the third highest mortgage payment delinquent state with currently 30,000 properties facing foreclosure. Homeowners facing foreclosure can still salvage their property through the mediation process. Mediation Guidelines for Foreclosures in […]

Foreclosure defense strategy

3 Foreclosure Defense Strategies That May Save Your Home

Every three weeks, 250,000 Americans are losing their homes to foreclosure. If you’re one of those facing foreclosure, it is time to think about the foreclosure defense options that are available to you; but first, you must have a basic understanding of the two forms of foreclosure so that you would have an idea what […]

Lessons to Learn From Florida Foreclosures for Every US Homeowner

Lessons to Learn From Florida Foreclosures for Every US Homeowner

Living in sunny Florida can be fabulous to many. But recently, fabulous may not be the appropriate term to describe a life in Florida for Floridians who experienced problems with their homes– Florida foreclosures. For the past years, Florida homeowners were getting crazy because of cases filed by lenders against those who were not able […]

Federal Reserve Seeks to make it Harder  For Homeowners to Fight Fraudulent  Loans

Federal Reserve Seeks to make it Harder For Homeowners to Fight Fraudulent Loans

The Federal Reserve seeks to initiate changes that will make it much harder for American homeowners to rescind abusive loans contracts and stop home foreclosures. The Feds hope to make changes to the provision in the Truth in Lending Act. The Act has remained the same for 42 years. This change will make it more […]

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