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Preventing Foreclosures in PA

Preventing Foreclosures In PA Through HEMAP

Over the past 12 months, the number of homes entering foreclosures in PA has risen by more than 20 percent, an indication that the United States nation as a whole appeared to have leveled off while Pennsylvania worsened. Thanks to HEMAP or Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program, thousands of families in Pennsylvania facing possible loss […]

Foreclosures for sale

Foreclosures For Sale—How to Redeem Your Property After Foreclosure

Have you been foreclosed? Don’t leave your home just yet because there’s still a light of hope at the end of the dark tunnel. After your home has been foreclosed, it will go on sale at an auction. But don’t you know that foreclosures for sale can still be redeemed by its original owner? Well, […]

Saving homes from foreclosures

Steps To Take When Your Home Is Listed Under Foreclosure Homes For Sale

If you’re facing foreclosure and expecting to see your home listed under foreclosure homes for sale, don’t panic. There are still steps you can take to save your home or at least lessen the blow. There are a few things worth noting before you totally lose hope. Statistics on foreclosures According to NeighborWorks, a nonprofit […]

Chase Bank Foreclosures

Chase Bank Foreclosures—How to Get Help Really Fast

When you are behind on your mortgage, the possibility of getting foreclosed looms. The good news is, in the case of Chase Bank foreclosures, there is help available. If you are having a difficult time paying your mortgage, doing nothing will not help in the situation. What is needed is for you to take proactive […]

Defending Foreclosures in MA

5 Surefire Defenses for Foreclosures in MA

Just like the rest of the US, foreclosures in MA are rampant and many homeowners are either facing a legal battle or already giving up the fight. For those who are about to engage their lenders on a head-on collision, here are five grounds that you can use as defenses. With the help of your […]

Pre Forelcosure Listings and Foreclosures

Putting Your House in Pre Foreclosure Listings is a Good Step

Pre-foreclosure is the event before the foreclosure. This means that you have defaulted in your monthly payments for three or more months in a row, so the lender sent you a notice that if you don’t pay your house, you will have to undergo foreclosure. This means that you still own the home, so you […]

USA foreclosure

USA Foreclosure Defense – How to Defend Your Rights Even if You are Not a Lawyer

The biggest problem for those who are facing USA foreclosure is that the opponent which is usually a bank, has a lot of money to spend on lawyers. You on the other hand barely have money to pay your mortgage much less, to hire the best lawyer in town. Intimidating as they are, banks also […]

Foreclosure defense programs are formed to address foreclosures in CT

Defense Programs to Stop Foreclosures in CT

In an inventory done by the largest provider of public records data in the country, CoreLogic, foreclosures in CT or Connecticut rise by 1.2% every year. The banks do not want to repossess these properties and lenders are not in the business of owning real estate. As a homeowner, knowing the foreclosure defense programs is […]

House foreclosures are financial as well as emotional battles

How to Emotionally Deal with House Foreclosures

Across the United States, countless people are experiencing fear and frustration because of foreclosures. Of course, those feelings are all valid. It is perfectly normal to be afraid, depressed and frustrated since we’re talking about house foreclosures, the house that you consider to be your home where you created memories. Faced with this challenge, you […]

There are several ways to avoid foreclosure

Top Tips to Avoid Foreclosure

Buying a home is a very exciting experience as it is part of making your dreams come true. Foreclosures are far from the minds of homebuyers, and unexpected events are not something they think about at that moment. Unfortunately, these events occur in real life where many homeowners are jolted out of their dream and […]

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