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Forensic Loan Audit: Worth its weight in Gold

Forensic Loan Audit: Worth its weight in Gold

The numbers never lie and depending on which source you sight the numbers is between 70%-90% of all residential loans since 2003 contain some sort of fraud or predatory lending. Even on the low end the numbers are staggering considering millions of mortgages have been funded and sold since then. What exactly does fraud or […]

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What is Foreclosure Defense?

The question all homeowners must ask themselves is “if everything about banking and mortgages you thought to be true was not, when would you want to know? Hopefully the answer is now. The harsh reality is that the banking industry has been lying to the American public for decades and now the truth is slowly […]

Short sale

Short Sale Is Not Answer!

A short sale is when a homeowner owes more than the value of the home and is looking to negotiate and settle with the lender for less than the original principle amount. This will allow the homeowner the ability to sell the property as a loss to the bank. This strategy has become increasingly more […]

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The Foreclosure Mindset

Foreclosure is a term more and more American homeowners are becoming intimately familiar with. With slumping home values, economic instability and corporate layoffs it is easy to see how bad things can happen to good people. Our country has been built on debt and the ability to borrow money and it now appears that it […]

Foreclosure Police Tape

Is Foreclosure Defense A Scam?

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What is “Produce the Note” strategy?

If you do nothing and just allow the Lender to take your home, then the court will simply allow the foreclosure to happen even if the lender does not have the proper paperwork to back up the foreclosure claim. In today’s complex lending environment, it is very challenging for lenders to track down the proper […]

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