8 Surefire Tips in Finding a Foreclosure Lawyer

Homeowners fighting foreclosure would normally find a foreclosure lawyer to represent them. The problem is, its just simply difficult to find a really good lawyer that will really represent your interest and not that of the lender. Here are some tips:

1. Consult the HUD

Before you start finding a lawyer, make sure that you consult the HUD and meet with one of their certified counselors. A highly experienced counselor can help with your situation even without the help of a lawyer. If your problem really requires legal representation, the counselor can help you get organized.

2. Make sure your papers are in order

Make sure that the necessary papers are in order before you talk to a lawyer. Since you are not paying for your HUD-certified counselor’s time, ask for their help to get you organized.

3. Look for a lawyer

When finding a lawyer, you have to consult your local Bar Association for referral. This is to ensure that you will get honest referrals. You can also ask around friends and relatives who have been through similar experience and ask if they can refer you to a lawyer they’ve trusted.

4. Go straight with the business

When meeting with a lawyer, you have to remember that you are not meeting with a therapist or a life coach to whom you can pour out your emotions. With lawyers, you have to go straight with the facts of how you got into your present problem and what sort of help do you need.

5. Know the problem

Through the help of your foreclosure lawyer, find out if you have been a victim of predatory lending practices that are open violations of state and federal laws. You should show your lawyer a history of the correspondence between you and your lender because he needs to examine whether the latter acted in appropriate manner.

6. Find the best solution

The solution to your problem will now depend on the kind of legal situation that you are in. If you are a victim of robo-signing, your lawyer may only be able to delay the foreclosure instead of preventing it.

7. Avoid the bad lawyers

There are certain red flags that you need to be watchful of when choosing a lawyer. You would want to avoid those who would immediately ask for money without knowing your condition first. You have to remember that a lawyer is not supposed to take your money if you don’t have sufficient income to support your own house. You should also want to avoid those who will not give you options on how to save your house from foreclosure.

8. Don’t leave without a plan of action

Your lawyer should give you a plan of action if he is worth any salt. He can file for a mortgage modification, delay foreclosure by challenging the ownership of the note or file a fraud complaint. Whatever trick he will perform up his sleeve, make sure that you don’t leave his office without a plan.

You have to remember that the only thing that you can get free from a foreclosure lawyer is direction. You have to make sure that he will really represent your interest because his services will cost you money.

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