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When you’re about to lose your home, don’t you think it’s just logical to get help? Getting professional help may sound like spending a lot of money. The truth is, there are lots of free professional services and you just have to look. Besides, even if you have to spend money, saving your home may all be worth it. For many, this may be their first and last time to have their home foreclosed, and not knowing what, how and where to get help is the usual problem. Just trying to find foreclosures experts to help you is difficult enough. But losing hope is the last thing you need. So, who are these pros that you need getting help with?

Foreclosure counselors

Remember, you cannot afford to make wrong decisions so, make sure to get a legitimate foreclosure counseling agency approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Foreclosure counselors provide foreclosure help for free, too.

How would a foreclosure counselor be of help to you?

They evaluate your current financial situation by looking at your bank statements, tax returns, and monthly expenses and income

They help you understand the programs available through banks and government agencies

They serve as an advocate to help you communicate with your bank



Chances are, this is your first time to face foreclosure. You hear a lot of opposing views. Still, all that matters to you now is to get the best out of your investment. A realtor can help you understand which path is right for you. Their specialized training will help you understand and weigh whether foreclosure or short-selling your house will be more financially beneficial to you, how quickly you can sell, and at what price. If you decide to do a short sale, make sure to choose agents who have the Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR) Certification.


Tax experts

If you decide to do a short sale or deed in lieu, you’ll be needing the services of a tax expert. A qualified tax adviser will help you face myriad of foreclosure-related tax issues.

Certified public accountants and EAs or enrolled agents are also licensed to represent you at IRS hearings. Some organizations sponsor free CPA advice from its members at local events.


Credit counselors

Credit counselors can help you get a loan modification to help you save your home.

If foreclosure is inevitable for you, credit counselors may still prove to be helpful in repairing your credit score and help you get back into a new home and give advice on how to manage your money to avoid future financial encumbrances.



With the current imbroglio on foreclosure proceedings, contacting a lawyer who will be able to review the lender’s foreclosure papers for errors is a smart idea.

Also, you may be able to avoid foreclosure if you have a lawyer to make arrangements for you with the lender to give you more time to file motions or whether bankruptcy is a viable option, etc. Associations such as The National Legal Aid and Defender Association provides a list of lawyers that offer free legal representation.


Facing impending foreclosure may be the most difficult and trying experience but as long as you make an effort to find foreclosures experts, you will greatly increase your chances of preserving your home.

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