How to avoid Loan modification scams

Home foreclosure and mortgage modification companies have not always been honest. Of recent, companies have been trying to act as if they are apart of

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to gain the confidence of American people. For instance, they send letters and documents as well as charging dishonest fees. These letters contain promises of home modification and other mortgage relief that will save families, all adorned with a fake logo that depicts one of a myriad of governmental agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission. This is their way of trying to trick homeowners into utilizing their services.

Foreclosure Police Tape

Loan modification Scams

These companies promise homeowners that there is a solution to their problems. While there may be real solutions including home modification, some businesses are trying to steal money from unsuspecting homeowners. These firms make their money by collecting your money up front, and steering you in the wrong direction, or abandoning you completely. Often, these companies get homeowners into more trouble and debt.

The federal trade commission is taking a step to stop this illegal activity. On November 19, a new law was enacted. This law will ban companies from requiring upfront payments. It is also required that companies will have to contact the lender and present the customer with a written proposal containing the new mortgage changes. These companies will have to explicitly note that they are not a part of a governmental agency, such as the FTC.

This new rule will also require companies to let their clients know that they are able to reject an offer without paying a fee. Such companies will not be allowed to tell clients to cut of their communication with their lenders. This rule takes effect January 31, 2011. If companies try to collect upfront payment or break any other laws as stated above, they will be subject to federal penalties.

States such as California, have taken steps to stop illegal home loan scams. The California law will, however, impact the whole country. Each state will be combating against illegal foreclosure solutions. Hopefully this will successfully stop illegal debt schemes. With this law, homeowners will be less likely to get in more mortgage trouble.

Not all home

foreclosure companies are bad news. It is important for customers to complete their due diligence and make sure they know the reputation of the company. There are companies that offer real home foreclosure help.

One way to stay protected from this type of threat is to work with a foreclosure defense attorney. The defense attorney will work with you and your lender and will help fight against fraud. You can fight your foreclosure with the help of an attorney. is a great resource to learn about home foreclosure and find an attorney who can potentially help. Consider consulting with a Foreclosure Defense attorney to learn the different strategies related to home foreclosure and other mortgage relief programs. Learn the best ways to stop home foreclosure today.

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