Battling Sarasota Foreclosures

It’s no secret that Florida is one of the states facing the largest number of foreclosures. Sarasota Foreclosures, in particular, have left thousands of families in Florida homeless. Many homeowners are not aware that there are a number of legal options they can take. This lack of knowledge perhaps contributes to the increase in the number of foreclosures. As the debtor, you have the option to petition the court for an injunction or stay in the proceedings in contesting a foreclosure.

In Florida, the foreclosure process is controlled by the court. This is because Florida is a judicial state, meaning the bank starts the process by filing the case, and then the court controls over the handling of the case including the entry of the Final Judgment of Foreclosure. After a hearing and publication of the sale of the property, the court orders the sale date and judgment is granted by the court.

If you are a homeowner battling Sarasota foreclosures, you may be eligible for a number of different types of assistance that can help prevent loss of your home or property. If you know your rights and the avenues available to you, lenders and financial institutions will not bully you.

As a homeowner facing foreclosure, you should bear in mind a number of things:

Face the problem

Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, rather, it will get much worse. In Sarasota, you have 20 days to try to fix the problem and 20 days is sufficient to help you find help. Bear in mind though that getting help early in the process increases your chances of preventing foreclosure.

Know your rights

When it comes to your mortgage and power that the lender has, it pays to know your rights and avenues that you can take. A lot of homeowners facing foreclosure are surprised to find that there are lots of state laws that are in place to protect their properties more than they think.

Seek legal counsel

Getting expert help will help you determine the steps you can take to prevent foreclosure on your home such as loan modification systems, to make mortgage payments more manageable. Legal counsels know the state laws inside and out and can help you find a way to prevent the lender taking over your property.

In Sarasota, it may not be uncommon to see homes becoming the victim of foreclosures but you can choose not to become a victim of Sarasota foreclosures because the option to negotiate has always been your equitable right.

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