The Benefits of Being Listed in Zillow Foreclosures

The online real estate database will now list Zillow Foreclosures before they make it to the official list. You might find it disturbing if your home is about to be foreclosed but there are certain advantages to this so keep your mind open. Zillow has been very effective in telling online visitors how much your house is worth and this might just be what you need before you hit rock bottom.

Advantages of Zillow Foreclosures

Zillow Foreclosures

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When you are a homeowner in distress, giving out information that you need help might just be what’s needed to rescue you from your tight spot. If you will keep silent about your situation, nobody will know how you could be helped. That is where Zillow comes in and here are the things that they can do:

1. Easy access to information

The openness that is afforded by Zillow gives access to potential buyers before your home hits the foreclosure list. This means that there is still time to sell your property before it will be auctioned off. This is an opportunity for you to avoid having the “F” word on your credit records.

2. Strike a private deal with potential buyer

This early access to information on your home gives you ample opportunities to potential buyers to strike a deal with you and avoid real estate commission. Cutting the middleman is advantageous to both you and the buyer and it reduces the complexity of the deal.

3. Have a good estimate with Zestimate

If you have no idea how much your home is worth, you can get a good appraisal with Zestimate. This a fair estimation of your current home value and since this just an estimate, you can always change it when the buyer begins to contact you.

4. Proactive measure against foreclosure

All these amounts to a proactive measure against foreclosure. Although your home is already unaffordable to stay at, there are still some last ditch efforts that you can do to avoid foreclosure.

Although a lot of homeowners may find it shocking at first to find their homes in Zillow Foreclosures, there are actually a lot of advantages of making it to the list. Although you can no longer afford to stay in your home, there is still something that you can do to stop foreclosure and strike a good deal from an otherwise bleak situation.

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