Foreclosure defense attorneys working with judges to save homes

Judges Helping Homeowners Learn How to Avoid Foreclosure When contemplating how to avoid foreclosure, many homeowners don’t realize that lately they have a heavyweight champ in their corner — Judges in state courts.

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Banks are starting to bring more foreclosures to court again as they try to wade their way through the ‘robo-signing’ mess. They were hoping for leniency from the state judges they face, but signs point to judges who are not willing to give big banks a break. This is important knowledge for families who are trying to learn how to avoid foreclosure. New York City and its surrounding areas are emerging as having the most hard-lined judges. They are rejecting up to 50 percent of all foreclosure cases as banks come to court with paper work that isn’t complete or seems fraudulent in some way. Working with a lawyer to determine how to avoid foreclosure is even more important as they have inside knowledge of judges’ biases. Working with a lawyer will take the

wildcard factor out of foreclosure proceedings. Judges aren’t only giving banks a hard time in New York, but their disdain for Wall Street and big banks is evident all over the country. In many areas judges are still working on the big cases that will set the precedent on how to avoid foreclosure using legal rulings. A few big cases are in the works in Washington and Ohio. When sitting down a foreclosure defense attorney they should be able to review your loan documents and give you a greater understanding of what legal recourse you have. Don’t wait thinking your bank is going to help you with a modification. The sooner you sit down with an attorney the better chance you have at stopping the foreclosure and working out a settlement with your

bank. When looking for a lawyer, provides great resources and help when picking the right legal defense to save families and homes.

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