Illegal Foreclosures on the rise

Many lenders are still continuing to foreclose homes wrongfully. Many US cities are being affected by wrongful foreclosure. Denver, Colorado is just one place where homeowners continue to suffer. Colorado law allows lenders to continue the foreclosure process even if there was an error to begin with, and even when mortgage modification is said to have been approved. This leads to a great deal of stress and unfair problems for homeowners. Many Colorado homeowners continue to loose their homes.

A Denver attorney is fighting

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his home foreclosure. He has filed a lawsuit against the state of Colorado after not being granted a court date that he requested. John Prater feels as if Colorado law is unfair to homeowners. He says that they are unable to get fair treatment in court due to the Rule 120. This allows for mortgage problems to be overlooked.

Rule 120 only looks at two issues. First, it examines whether the borrower is an active military member, and second if they are

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delinquent on their mortgage payments. This does not allow for other situations to be considered in the courtroom. This can be very unfair for many homeowners, because it does not look at all circumstances and situations.

This means that even if delinquency occurs because of a mistake on the lender, the home foreclosure process can still continue. This also means that a lender can promise a mortgage modification, while continuing to foreclosure on the home. Many homeowners loose their homes in this situation. These issues make it hard for homeowners to fight to keep their homes.

Colorado is not the only state that has wrongful foreclosures. Many United States cities continue to see a rise in foreclosures, as well as wrongful foreclosures. As little issues continue to go unnoticed, lenders are often able to repossess a home without getting in trouble for its illegal practices. This highlights the need for homeowners to be cautious and stay on top of their payments and other important mortgage information.

As wrongful foreclosures continue to be discussed in the news, homeowners are getting smarter and doing their research. In the past, homeowners often just sat on the sidelines and sadly watched their homes be taken from them. These days, many homeowners realize the importance of staying on top of foreclosure issues and news. This is often the only way to save your home.

If you are a homeowner who is struggling to make your mortgage payments, it is important to get help right away. Home foreclosure can be stopped with the right tools and with the help of a professional. If you are unable to acquire a mortgage modification, and cannot make your mortgage payments, consider hiring a foreclosure defense attorney. These attorneys specialize in fighting to get your home back. offers many resources for homeowners in need. You can learn about foreclosure issues, changes, foreclosure defense, and more. It is possible to stop foreclosure and save your home.

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