Lessons to Learn From Florida Foreclosures for Every US Homeowner

Living in sunny Florida can be fabulous to many. But recently, fabulous may not be the appropriate term to describe a life in Florida for Floridians who experienced problems with their homes– Florida foreclosures.

Learn from how Floridians fought back Florida foreclosures

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For the past years, Florida homeowners were getting crazy because of cases filed by lenders against those who were not able to make regular mortgage payments. Things even got crazier when a borrower-homeowner, named Roman Pino, decided to fight back and got a foreclosure defense lawyer. His lawyer found out about the robo-signers and the fraud that the banks are doing just so they can foreclose on properties. After getting a settlement from the lenders, Bank of New York Mellon, he didn’t continue on with the lawsuit, but the state of Florida became aware of the foreclosure process being done by banks and financial institutions. This woke everybody up, and most borrowers discovered that they can really fight for their homes.

This awakening caused another commotion, foreclosure defense attorneys are overloaded. Florida citizens are now very much vigilant; they are now fighting back because they know that there are irregularities in these cases. This knowledge brought the Florida foreclosures cases to cease temporarily.

Learning from Florida Foreclosures

Knowing how this situation affects Florida’s foreclosure process, then you can do your own fighting back too. Wherever you are in the United States, you should read on this news in the sunshine state and see if it may apply to you.

Florida Foreclosures and Hiring a Good Defense Attorney

Pino was able to change the foreclosure situation in the state by hiring a good foreclosure defense attorney who took time in finding out irregularities with the foreclosure documents given to him. It is therefore imperative to look for the best attorney to represent you. But what do you need to look for?

The first thing that you need to research is the attorney’s reputation. In today’s day and age, it is easy to do this because of Internet’s presence. The next thing is to seek someone who cares. Arrange a meeting with them and see, by the way they talk to you and deal with you, if they really care about your situation. Make sure that he or she is willing to go beyond what is required, like scouring for paper works and investigating. He must also be willing to work fast because when in foreclosure, time is of the essence.

Now that you are aware that there is something that you can do to avoid foreclosures, then it is your turn to study your case. If you are one of those people facing Florida foreclosures or foreclosures in any other state, then you still have hope, you may still be able to keep your home.

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