Patsy Campbell – Longest Foreclosure fight ever – 25 Years

Central Florida homeowner, Patsy Campbell, has been fighting to keep her home for over 25 years. Ms. Campbell is a 71 year old insurance agent retiree. She has lived in her home since 1978, and has not made a single mortgage payment since 1985. Ms. Campbell fell behind on her payments after an illness caused her to loose income. While fighting to keep her home, she has been able to remain living there for a quarter century. She continues to challenge her foreclosure in hopes to keep her home.

Ms. Campbell’s situation is one of the longest foreclosure cases in history. She continues to fight her foreclosure for different reasons. She has persistently found legal grounds to challenge her foreclosure. Ms. Campbell used to have the

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help of an attorney, but recently has been fighting her foreclosure alone. She continuously manages to prevent attempts at repossession. Ms. Campbell does not feel bad for not making payments during the 25 year time period,

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because legally, homeowners are not required to make mortgage payments until the case is legally resolved. She feels that her home is rightfully hers.

Because Ms. Campbell keeps appealing the case, lender attorneys have to read through documents every few months, and the process continues to drag on. This is added work for attorneys and the courts. Her lender still hopes to collect the money that she owes. She currently owes $63, 801 in principle and $148,000 in interest, plus various court and attorney fees.

Cases like this are extremely uncommon. Most homeowners do not fight a foreclosure for such a long time period, and they are not able to learn the ins and outs of the legal system, in order to fight foreclosure on their own. It is important for homeowners to get professional help when trying to avoid home foreclosure. Attempting to fight foreclosure without experience or the right knowledge can result in your home successfully being reprocessed. At that point, it can be too late.

This shocking story showcases the need for homeowners to stay educated on home foreclosures issues. It is important for homeowners to research various foreclosure resources and if needed, hire a foreclosure defense attorney. As increases in wrongful foreclosures are brought to everyday attention, homeowners become wary of their personal situations.

If you are falling behind on your mortgage payments, get help now. There are many resources that help homeowners better understand the foreclosure process. offers resources on foreclosure. Utilize the Foreclosure Defense Program to stay up to date on foreclosure issues and news.

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