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Facing eviction, a Chicago family is refusing to leave their home after a wrongful foreclosure. The Tellez family hadn’t missed a mortgage payment since they were granted a modification, however, received a strange letter in the mail with information on their mortgage. After calling the number listed in the letter, they learned that their modification had been rejected. At this point, they realized that the foreclosure process had already been started. The family now may face eviction.

Wrongful Foreclosure keep piling up

Silva Tellez, like many people, has had a lot trouble with the mortgage modification

process. She has been fighting to keep her home, since her original mortgage company sold her loan to another company. She hoped to continue the modification process even after her loan was sold. On two occasions she was told that her mortgage payment was received before her modification documents, making it unable to be processed. Another time, she was told that modification had indeed gone through. Unfortunately, this was not true.

Silva continued to make the lower payments, assuming that her modification was successful. She later found out that the foreclosure process

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had begun, and that her $405,000 home was auctioned for only $10,000. At first, she wanted to give up. She learned that it would be possible, however, to fight for the home that was rightfully hers. She is one of many homeowners who are taking advantage of foreclosure defense.

Silvia and her family continue to stay in the home that is theirs. They continue to fight the banks that are trying to take their home. This family hopes to show other homeowners that they should stand up for what is right, and stop home foreclosure. It is important to know that it is possible to stop wrongful foreclosures.

Sadly, this family is not the only family that is affected by incidents like this. Home foreclosure cases have continued to climb, especially in cities like Chicago. Often these cases are not fair to homeowners, just like the above story. The good news is, it is possible to save your home Chicago.

Many homeowners do not believe that it is possible to stop foreclosure. The trick is to get involved as quickly as possible. The sooner families fight their foreclosure; the easier it is to keep their home. If homeowners wait to long, it could already be too late. Foreclosure defense Chicago is a hot topic. If you currently reside in Chicago and are concerned about Chicago home foreclosure, find resources that help educate you on the process and the different options you may have.

The is dedicated to providing this type of information. This program offers tips and resources that can help you save your home. With the right knowledge and tools, it can be possible to avoid home foreclosure. You can stop home foreclosure today.


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