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Foreclosure or Short Sale?

Foreclosure vs Short Sale – Choosing The Lesser Evil

If you ask people facing foreclosure which is a better deal between foreclosure and short sale, they would probably tell you there’s not much difference as you will still be losing your home. However, knowing the distinction of foreclosure vs short sale will help you decide which is the better option for you. Foreclosure vs […]

Government Foreclosures Assistance

How to Get Government Foreclosures Assistance

The US Government has programs to prevent foreclosures, one of which is the Making Home Affordable program. Through this program, you can get subsidies for loan modification and private home refinancing loans. The HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) also provides government foreclosures assistance to prevent foreclosure for all the 50 US states. You […]

Atlanta Foreclosures

How to Stop Atlanta Foreclosures Effectively

Perhaps one of the most devastating news a homeowner can experience is when you are given a foreclosure notice. The reason behind it is that the risks are too much to endure and the situation is unfamiliar to most of us. But there are ways to stop Atlanta foreclosures and to start with, you have […]

Foreclosure Definition

Foreclosure Definition—What is Mortgage Reinstatement Period?

There are a lot of things that we need to learn about foreclosure definition especially when you’re about to face foreclosure. Knowing the technical terms will help you find a better way to avoid it because you are better guided when you know the parlance. At this point, let us try to learn what is […]

HUD foreclosure listings

Avoid Seeing Your Home On HUD Foreclosure Listings

No one can’t deny that the number of foreclosed properties continues to rise these days. There are different kinds of foreclosures; among them, HUD foreclosures. The HUD or Department of Housing and Urban Development, has command over all the loans insured by FHA or Federal Housing Authority. When these loans go into default, these properties […]

Strategic Foreclosure and Abandoned Properties

Strategic Foreclosure – Is It The Easy Way Out?

By the end of 2012, approximately 48% of the 50 million mortgage loans across the United States are headed to be ‘underwater’ mortgages. Underwater mortgages are mortgages that leave the property owner with more debt on the property than the property’s current market value. Faced with declining property values and imminent losses, homeowners are left […]

Florida Foreclosure

Why Florida Foreclosure Rates Highest

A recent national study reported that Florida foreclosure was tops in the United States in foreclosure rates. Anyone who understands these figures may no doubt feel concerned, if not alarmed, for the housing market. The question is, why are foreclosure rates in Florida trending up when it is actually falling nationally? Could it be the […]

Homes in Foreclosure

Homes In Foreclosure – Contributing Factors And Its Processes

With so many homes in foreclosure all over the United States, everyone has definitely heard the word ‘foreclosure’; but how many people really understand the foreclosure process? Foreclosure, simply put, is the process of taking possession of a mortgaged property as a result of the homeowner’s failure to keep up with mortgage payments. Factors That […]

Foreclosures in Miami

How The National Mortgage Settlement Can Help Foreclosures In Miami

A national study revealed that foreclosures in Miami top the foreclosure rate. This may have been linked in the 2010 foreclosure abuse brought about by robo-signing, sloppy recordkeeping, cutting corners and possible fraud resulting in the loss of thousands of homes and investment properties. An investigation into the issue eventually led into a sharp slowdown […]

FHA Foreclosures

FHA Foreclosures and Pre-Foreclosure Guidelines

Low to moderate income borrowers had been benefited by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) affordable mortgages since 1934. Since its inception, it has insured more than 34 million loans on single family homes and so far, foreclosure rates have been relatively low. Their ability to handle borrowers in default and their flexible guidelines not only […]

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