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Foreclosures in Charlotte NC

Foreclosures in Charlotte NC—Foreclosure Process and Timeline

Foreclosure process and timeline can vary from state to state but in this post, let us focus on foreclosures in Charlotte NC. The difference can range from the notices that need to be posted or sent through mail and the schedule regarding when the property will be auctioned. Two Types of Foreclosures in Charlotte NC […]

Foreclosure listings NJ

Foreclosure Listings NJ—Where Do All Foreclosed Homes End Up?

Do all foreclosed homes in New Jersey end up in the foreclosure listings NJ? You might be surprised but not all foreclosed homes end up in the foreclosure list because this is just a snapshot of those homes that are being sold by the current lien holder. Where to Find Foreclosure Listings NJ? When looking […]

Bank of America foreclosure department

Bank of America Foreclosure Department Opened To Maximize Assistance To Homeowners In Default

Indeed, the foreclosure pipeline seems to be filling again and this unusually high legal default filing activity seems to be pointing to Bank of America. This vast number of foreclosures is the the reason why Bank of America Foreclosure Department was opened – to handle the queries related to foreclosure. August has been a high […]

Fannie Mae Foreclosure Options

Knowing Your Options To Work Out A Fannie Mae Foreclosure

Presently, the government has various programs to work out a Fannie Mae foreclosure. These programs are readily available to help homeowners facing foreclosure by providing funding to lenders rather than providing mortgages directly to the homeowner. Fannie Mae’s workout options are broadly divided into two categories – Special Relief Measures and Loss Mitigation Alternatives; the […]

Foreclosure Prevention

Preventing Foreclosure With A New Foreclosure Prevention Law

Signed recently by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was Foreclosure Prevention Bill 4323. It will go into effect on November 1, 2012. The bill will hopefully make significant changes to existing foreclosure practices. Although the final details of the bill are still being worked out, programs for home ownership and for existing homeowners is what the […]

Buying a Foreclosed Home

Buying a Foreclosure for Those Recovering from It

Seven or eight years after a foreclosure, you can get a mortgage for a home again. Although many people have just lost or are losing their homes from foreclosure, there are some people who may have recovered a foreclosure and are on the hunt for a home again. Now that they are on the other […]

Finding Foreclosures

How to Find Foreclosures

As foreclosures continue to rise, new opportunities await not only for investors but also those who are recovering from it and are looking for a new place to purchase. These properties are usually sold at good discounts which is perfect for those recovering from the debacle. Some Steps on How to Find Foreclosures In the […]

How to Stop Foreclosure

How to Stop Foreclosure Without Hiring a Lawyer

Don’t you know that with the current economic situation, home prices falling and the changing industry standards, a lender is better off keeping you in your home than kicking you out of it? The difficulty on how to stop foreclosure is no longer that difficult even without hiring a lawyer. If you find yourself unable to […]

Preventing Foreclosures in PA

Preventing Foreclosures In PA Through HEMAP

Over the past 12 months, the number of homes entering foreclosures in PA has risen by more than 20 percent, an indication that the United States nation as a whole appeared to have leveled off while Pennsylvania worsened. Thanks to HEMAP or Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program, thousands of families in Pennsylvania facing possible loss […]

Foreclosures in Michigan and Scams

Surviving Scam Artists Amidst Foreclosures In Michigan

Even when you are going through a difficult time such as impending foreclosure, there are still heartless people who want to take advantage of you. They present you with plans and solutions to help you with your foreclosure except they do nothing but give you more problems. If you’re facing foreclosures in Michigan or anywhere, […]

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