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There are many benefits to hiring a foreclosure attorney if you are on the brink of foreclosure

Top 3 Reasons Why Hire a Foreclosure Attorney

If you are facing foreclosure, it is always a good idea to have a foreclosure attorney. A lawyer is knowledgeable about foreclosure laws and has the necessary experience if it will reach the point wherein you will be dragged to court. He can defend your rights and ensure that your lender has gone through every […]

USA foreclosure

USA Foreclosure Defense – How to Defend Your Rights Even if You are Not a Lawyer

The biggest problem for those who are facing USA foreclosure is that the opponent which is usually a bank, has a lot of money to spend on lawyers. You on the other hand barely have money to pay your mortgage much less, to hire the best lawyer in town. Intimidating as they are, banks also […] has a huge listing of forecloses properties for sale

Home Hunting Made Easy By www.Foreclosure.Com

When it comes to searching for foreclosures, what immediately comes to mind are banks and lenders. Most people forget that banks and lenders are not the only institutions that can help you find foreclosure deals. In fact, the increase in the number of foreclosed properties has led experts to come up with quick and convenient […]

Foreclosure defense programs are formed to address foreclosures in CT

Defense Programs to Stop Foreclosures in CT

In an inventory done by the largest provider of public records data in the country, CoreLogic, foreclosures in CT or Connecticut rise by 1.2% every year. The banks do not want to repossess these properties and lenders are not in the business of owning real estate. As a homeowner, knowing the foreclosure defense programs is […]

VA foreclosures are priced low people are after them

VA Foreclosures And The Benefits They Offer

VA foreclosures are priced so low that a lot of people are after them. And because these properties interest so many buyers, VA foreclosures do not stay long on the market. With the home buyer no longer able to afford the payments, the Department of Veterans Affairs just want to get the money back they […]

Knowing exactly what is foreclosure and the ways to avoid it would be useful knowledge for every homeowner

What is Foreclosure?

Surely, you have heard the word ‘foreclosure’ several times but what is foreclosure exactly? If you were to define foreclosure simply, it is a situation wherein the homeowner-borrower is unable to make payments on his or her mortgage, (which includes principal and/or interest), giving the lender the power to seize and sell the property, as […]

House foreclosures are financial as well as emotional battles

How to Emotionally Deal with House Foreclosures

Across the United States, countless people are experiencing fear and frustration because of foreclosures. Of course, those feelings are all valid. It is perfectly normal to be afraid, depressed and frustrated since we’re talking about house foreclosures, the house that you consider to be your home where you created memories. Faced with this challenge, you […]

The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act helps tenants of foreclosed properties have ample time to look for a new place to move in.

Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act and How It Helps

Usually, when we talk about foreclosure, we immediately think about those people losing their residential homes. However, we should also remember that foreclosures also happen to real estate investors who failed to pay for their properties. In this situation, the tenants are the ones facing a threat of losing the roof above their heads. But […]

There are several ways to avoid foreclosure

Top Tips to Avoid Foreclosure

Buying a home is a very exciting experience as it is part of making your dreams come true. Foreclosures are far from the minds of homebuyers, and unexpected events are not something they think about at that moment. Unfortunately, these events occur in real life where many homeowners are jolted out of their dream and […]

Florida is one of the states very much badly hit by the economic downturn

Foreclosures in Florida And The Mediation Process

The number of foreclosures in Florida are record-breaking. As one of the US states most hard hit by the current economic downturn, Florida ranks as the third highest mortgage payment delinquent state with currently 30,000 properties facing foreclosure. Homeowners facing foreclosure can still salvage their property through the mediation process. Mediation Guidelines for Foreclosures in […]

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