New Jersey Courts order Lenders to Prove Accurate Foreclosure Filings

New Jersey courts are ordering banks and lenders to prove that past foreclose documents were submitted legally. The state hopes to put a stop to wrongful home foreclosures. With the recent wave of “robo-signing” cases in which lenders were illegally signing foreclosure documents, many states are hoping to change current foreclosure procedures to be more fair. Many of these questionable cases have led to wrongful home foreclosures.

Recently, many lenders across the country have handled home foreclosure documents with little care. Some lenders allowed unauthorized employees to sign documents, illegally. Other documents have been completely overlooked, without first checking for accuracy. If a document has inaccuracies, but is signed, judges are still able to foreclosure on the home. This allows a home to be wrongfully foreclosed, unknowingly. This has led to a widespread questioning of lender practices, as well as unneeded homeowner frustration. With this order, the court hopes to provide a greater confidence towards foreclosure related issues.

This order is forcing six lenders to prove why foreclosures should continue on homes that were involved in questionable practices. Within 45 days, lenders will have to show that the foreclosure documents in question have been handled correctly. The six lenders who are effected include Allied Financial,

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Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, One West Bank FSD, Wells Fargo and Citibank. These lenders have filed a total of 29,000 foreclosures during 2010.

If the lenders do not provide the proof

needed, they could face suspension of their businesses. Courts hope to ensure that current homes facing foreclosure are legally just. The foreclosures in question will not continue until they are proven to be accurate. This will help stop wrongful foreclosures in New Jersey and ensure that all current foreclosure filings are fair. Other states have taken similar action to help combat illegal foreclosures.

Many of these foreclosures under question, have not been challenged because homeowners assume they cannot afford legal help. Most homeowners think that nothing can be done in this situation, even if they had

been making their mortgage payments. The truth is, home foreclosure can be stopped. There are many resources available to get the help that you need in order to save your home.

The Foreclosure Defense Program offers many resources for homeowners in need. Homeowners can find information and current news on foreclosure related issues. There are also guides to better understand the foreclosure process and foreclosure defense. You can even find a local foreclosure defense attorney to help you fight your foreclosure. If you find yourself in need of this information, get help as soon as possible. With the right tools and knowledge you can save your home.

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