Minorities and Foreclosure

Minority Foreclosure

Minority loan modification assistance

The largest demographic of homeowners in foreclosure are minorities, primarily consisting of Blacks and Hispanics. This was caused in large part to a very loose lending known as the subprime market. Subprime stands for anyone who had at that time a 680 or less credit score and individuals that could not verify their income on a monthly basis as well as real estate investors. In a nut shell it was the more risky loans in the market place. The reason the subprime market took off was because for the first time in a long time lower income families, investors and people with unverifiable income could not only get a loan, but get favorable interest rates in most cases. When the market started to boom and housing prices started to climb anyone who fog up a mirror could get a loan. This created runaway inflation. Note I did not say appreciation unless you sold when the market was at its peak, but this was not the case for over 66% of all homeowners. You also had a lot of people who got taken advantage of during this time. It truly was like the wild Wild West. Millions of homeowners took out interest only mortgages because they could afford the monthly payment, but there was a catch to these mortgages
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that were often not disclosed to the borrowers. These loans were adjustable meaning that in 3-5 years that low interest rate would adjust to whatever current interest rate were doing. When these loans began to adjust a few years ago the economy started to slip and people

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had a major reduction in income they could no longer afford these overvalued interest only loans. The good news is that Foreclosure Defense has found a solution to this dilemma. No longer does a minority with an adjustable rate need to lose their home to foreclosure. Regardless if you are behind or not on your mortgage chances are we can get you a loan modification by contacting your bank and politely asking them to rework your loan. This often results in major principle reduction, lower interest rate and a brand new loan. This is a system that is unique to Foreclosure Defense and we would be happy to assist you in your needs.

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