The Bankruptcy Myth!


National Epidemic

Millions of Americans are looking to Uncle Sam for their personal bailouts. All joking aside our country faces some serious challenges ahead. More and more tadalafil generic cialis 20 mg people are looking for some sort of debt relief from all the consumer credit they have acquired over the years. When over the counter viagra abu dhabi the market was boomer and no one saw an end in best otc cialis sight the credit card companies couldn’t give out credit cards fast enough to consumers hoping that they would
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rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt and then spend the next 20 years paying it off and ridiculously high interest rates. Well the banks and credit card companies got what they want, but a large percentage of borrowers are struggling to pay them back and even more borrowers are not paying at all. The next trick the credit card companies entice its card holders to do is consolidate all their debt into one card at an introductory rate, but when they miss just one payment the interest sky rockets to over 20% or higher making it nearly impossible for the card canadian pharmacy hydrocodone holder to ever get out of debt. Once the homeowner or credit card holder realizes they are in over their heads they

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believe they have very few choices to get out of the financial situation they are in. Based on the constant bombardment from the media, radio and television commercials they think that filing bankruptsy is their final resort. Regardless if you meet with one bankruptcy attorney or several bankruptcy attorneys, they will pretty much all tell you the same thing. Think about it, these bankruptcy attorneys make money when people are filing bankruptcy. All this does is tie you up in bankruptcy court for several months while your attorney either works on a chapter 11, cialis 5mg daily vs 20mg a chapter 13 and a chapter 7 bankruptcy. These plans will allow you to pay back all or none of your current debt with better terms but will leave a lasting gauge on your credit report and will scare you for at least seven years and destroy any chance you may have at buying a home, a car and or possibly a job. Bankruptcy filings is what I call a last resort, especially in a time when there are a few other options a person canadian pharmacy for xanax in this situation can and should try before throwing in the towel. Strategies such as credit consolidation and foreclosure defense are just a few of your top options.

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