The truth about credit consolidation loans

Debt Consolidation

Time to take responsability

The average American family has four to five credit cards and anywhere from $10,000-$30,000 in non secured revolving debt and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card debt. The major credit card companies have increased their annual percentage rates to 15%-30% making almost impossible for someone with debt to pay off their bill trapping them in a downward spiral of increased payments ultimately resulting in the debtor defaulting on the loans.

In many cases the American public is waiting for a government bailout that is most likely never going to come. There are also a lot of so called government sponsored agencies promoting free debt consolidation. Beware of these agencies as nothing of value is free there is always a catch. What I would recommend is trying to consolidate credit card debt if at all possible. Depending on your current credit score it may or may not be possible to combine all you debt into one low monthly payment.

Debt loans are great if you can get them, but in today’s economy it is very challenging to get any type of loans or financing. If that doesn’t work and you for see yourself not being able to continue to make your payments then the question “how to file bankruptcy” typically pops into people’s minds. Credit card bankruptcy is very popular right now but it really is not your best option.

Filing bankruptcy to protect your home and eliminate credit card debt should be looked at as a last resort. A good debt consolidation company would be better for both your credit and you pocket book. It typically takes about two to three years but you can confidentially settle your debt for about 50 cents on the dollar of what you currently owe. Not bad compared to the alternative  of a bankruptcy staying on your credit for up seven years.

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