What is “Produce the Note” strategy?

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Produce the note now!!

If you do nothing and just allow the Lender to take your home, then the court will simply allow the foreclosure to happen even if the lender does not have the proper paperwork to back up the can take 150mg viagra foreclosure claim. In today’s complex lending environment, it is very challenging for lenders to track down the proper paperwork to prove that they actually have the right to foreclose. If lender “A” was the original owner of the note, but then sold it to lender “B” and now lender “B” is trying to foreclose on your property but cannot provide the original promissory note that proves they, in fact, own the debt on your home, then you have a great canadian journal pharmacy chance at getting the foreclosure dismissed by filing specific paper work against your Mortgagee/Lender. If you don’t validate the validity of the debt, then no one else will question it for you – you can be certain that the lender won’t bring up this issue! Moreover, if the lender is allowed to proceed without is 20mg of cialis enough that proof, there is always the possibility that they are in fact not in possession of the note and loan, and do not have the right to foreclose. What Happens if the lender Cannot produce the Note Once this claim has been presented to the lender and they cannot legally produce your original note it is now up to the judge and the court to decide if the lender has proven without a shadow of a doubt they indeed own the debt and note to your property. If you do not challenge your lender and ask them to produce your note, then the lender will most
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likely be able to proceed with the foreclosure and ownership of the loan without any resistance from the court. If they can not produce the original note with your original signature on it and the judge does not dismiss the case, then it is time to hire a great foreclosure defense attorney who can assist you in filing very specific counter claims against your lender. So what can you do to protect your home and your family from being a statistic? It is a strategy we call “Produce My Note”. When you first closed on your home or refinanced your property you signed a mortgage and a promissory note with the bank. The mortgage itself is not the instrument that obligates you to make payments — the note is what obligates you to make your payments. It is the holder of the ORIGINAL note that is the only one who how long viagra take has the legal right to foreclose on the property for non-payment of the debt. Here is an example of what we mean: let’s say a stranger claims that you owe them $50,000.00 and they take you to court to collect this money. What would be the very first thing you would ask? “Prove it, prove that I owe you this money” – The fact of the matter is that whoever is claiming that you owe them something must provide evidence and prove their case. The person who claims you owe them $50,000.00 must provide written proof and produce the original documentation that you signed to make it a binding contract. (Granted verbal contracts are binding, but this is not what is being referred to in this situation). Your mortgage (note) is no different. The “Produce My Note” strategy is demanding that the bank prove without a shadow of a doubt that you owe what they are claiming you owe by producing the ORIGINAL NOTE you signed with your signature(s)

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on it. The key to this strategy is to make the Mortgagee/Lender prove that they will not be able to produce the viagra and blood clots original note. This happens for many reasons, but one of the major ones is that Mortgagee/Lenders don’t typically retain possession of a loan for thirty years. When the economy was booming and the lending market was at an all time high, the majority of mortgage notes were being sold on the secondary mortgage market literally within days of it being funded. Banks, hedge funds and large investment firms would purchase these mortgage notes and call them mortgage backed securities. While this was being done, the bookkeeping and record keeping of the original documents often times either got lost, misplaced and in some cases shredded and stored into a computer. There have been several circumstances we have seen where the mortgage has been sold 5-10 times. Frequently, the new owner of the debt will not get all the proper paperwork necessary for their records, which creates an incomplete file and legal loophole for you. As a result, many Mortgagee/Lenders are now starting to foreclose on homeowners, but don’t have the proper paperwork to prove they have a right to do so or that they are the rightful owner of the loan, but take the gamble that the homeowner will not know. So, if you or anyone you know is faced with foreclosure or is already being foreclosed on, you want to make sure they ask their Mortgagee/Lender in writing to

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produce my note. This will buy them time and keep them in the home while the “Discovery Phase” is in process. This is just one strategy among many you can use, but remember a great attorney can and will be worth their weight in gold when filing these documents. The bank will no longer be able to push you around.

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  1. Edgar Longenecker says:

    A note may be sold, a thousand times, concurrently, without conclusive paperwork, thanks to scamMERS/Banksters’ collusions; which is of course concealing from recorders’ offices, all over the Country, what it is they claim to be tracking. What rational explanation, other than this motive, would entice a Bankster, to flounder a perfectly good note/mortgage, into, a spun off note, leaving the mortgage, unprotected; and, for that matter, making the note uncollectable; without the home for collateral? And, what possible debt could the mortgagee, still owe, when the lender has marked the note, “paid in full,” to enter the MERS club ? And, what possible unperjured claim could the lender have, against the mortgagee, after, he sold the note into the scamMERS soap opera, and, received whatever MERS inducement, he, felt, justified, embezzling, bank funds, from his bank investors; to skim the note, and, sell it; too bad, he got caught…? And what, but, a fraud on the Court, to claim, foreclosure rights, when the note was sold; as in, satisfied, and, the lender, not only has been paid in full, yet, has been collecting payments under false pretenses, when he’d already sold his interest, unless, it is to be believed that the original lender is recording every note sold; every time the same note is sold; and is forwarding the payment to the current holder of the note; consecutively; or, ,concurrently ? And, what other inducement could MERS claim for justification in relieving 100 million loan principles, of the burden of their ownership of perfectly good notes to mortgages; turned over to the Ghost Ship MERS, who owns nothing, collects nothing, wants nothing, loses nothing, gains nothing, and has few, if any, employees, [purportedly]…if not, the prospect of scamming investors, in the subsequent markets, with liabilities that they must be claiming, fraudulently, are, assets ? And, as for those investors of the hidden bundled notes, what makes them think that the notes are still attached to the mortgages; who, said so ? These investors shouldn’t be buying hot cars, and demanding titles from anyone but the scaMERS that sold them, hot goods, without a title. And, any recourse they might have, is between scamMERS, and the Banksters, who created this Ponzi Scheme. Where are these bricks; loaded, with forged notes; which need to be audited for legitimacy; in the Twin Tower TRADE CENTER…? That’s convenient, isn’t it, and, may clear up, another issue…? And now, so as to conceal all the conniving, ScamMERS and cohorts, want to dupe the Court into rubberstamping, a reattachment, of the note, back to the mortgage, as if, none of this Ponzi scheme, ever happened ? Like robbing a bank, and, after being caught, then returning peanuts, while concealing the rest; as in adjudicating your own crime. And, the holders of these notes who now claim attachment to the mortgages; where is their recorded County proof of that transfer, attachment, and, title insurance; ie., what did they do to perfect that attachment, if it is to be believed that, they did not know they were investing in raindrops…??? Edgrrr… Stalag SKEW, at Y-RICO, Organized Crime at law, County, Ahnolds’ Schizofornia…